Yonderland, Sky1 -TV review: It's a rare programme that keeps both kids and parents entertained

The puppeteers were given the chance to show-off their supremely silly gadgets

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's outfits also wouldn't be out of place in the costume department of Sky1's fantasy adventure Yonderland.

The second series of this show from the team behind Horrible Histories kicked off last night with two great episodes. In the first, Debbie "the Chosen Mum" (Martha Howe-Douglas), was under threat from a new enemy, Imperatrix (also Martha Howe-Douglas). Imperatrix's henchman Negatus (Simon Farnaby) visited an arms fair to tool up in preparation for the fight, providing the puppeteers with a great opportunity to show-off their creative genius for supremely silly gadgets.

In the second, a murder mystery at the local "fest" was a way to send up both music festivals and TV's obsession with Sherlock-style police work. Rare is the programme that can keep both kids and their parents entertained, but Yonderland consistently pulls it off.