The best films to watch on TV this Christmas

For those who couldn't bear another run of Love Actually...

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If we’re honest, the best thing about Christmas probably isn’t the presents, the food or seeing your family – but getting time off work, watching TV and eating huge amounts of leftovers.

The Christmas week kicks off with Toy Story, a film designed to bring your childhood bouncing back as well as easing you into the festive spirit.

It’s the first in a host of brilliant children’s films that have been quietly hijacked by adults. The best of the bunch is Up, playing a few days after Christmas and guaranteed to cheer even the most miserable individual.

If you’ve had enough of all the Christmas cheer being flung about, there are plenty of non-festive offerings on the box.

The latest remake of Jane Eyre, starring Michael Fassbender, is a beautifully slow film – with not a mention of Christmas.

Casablanca is being shown on Christmas Day, and the bittersweet epic love story is a sure-fire winner for the anti-Christmas brigade.

Finally, if you’re really set against Christmas cheer, there’s always Independence Day: a luridly jingoistic succession of explosions which makes surprisingly enjoyable viewing.