Written by Woody Allen & Marshall Brickman
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Sleeper (1973) A clarinet player who also runs a health food store is frozen and brought back in the future by antigovernment radicals in order to assist them in their attempts to overthrow an oppressive government. When he goes off on his own, he begins to explore this brave new world that has Orgasmatron booths to replace sex and confessional robots. Director Woody Allen


Writer Woody Allen (written by) and

Marshall Brickman (written by)


Woody Allen... Miles Monroe

Diane Keaton... Luna Schlosser

John Beck... Erno Windt

Mary Gregory... Dr. Melik

Don Keefer... Dr. Tryon

John McLiam... Dr. Aragon

Bartlett Robinson... Dr. Orva

Chris Forbes... Rainer Krebs

Mews Small... Dr. Nero (as Marya Small)

Peter Hobbs... Dr. Dean

Susan Miller... Ellen Pogrebin

Lou Picetti... M.C.

Jessica Rains... Woman in the mirror

Brian Avery... Herald Cohen

Spencer Milligan... Jeb Hrmthmg


  • Woody Allen had originally hoped to shoot much of the film in Brasilia, Brazil's futuristic capital city complex designed by urban planner Lucio Costa and architect Oscar Niemeyer. Budget limitations however restricted him to using locations within the continental USA.