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Enemy of The State (18), to rent

DON SIMPSON died before his erstwhile partner Jerry Bruckheimer produced this gleaming techno-thriller, but the mark of the original "high concept" film-maker is everywhere. Will Smith is a labour lawyer who finds evidence of a murderous Secret Service campaign. Within days he has lost his job, been kicked out by his family and - the final straw - had his credit cards cancelled. Falling in with a renegade conspiracy theorist (Gene Hackman), he fights to clear his name.

The main thrust of the film appears to be against the increasing surveillance of the average American citizen. The hectic pace and agitated editing is meant to reflect Smith's plight but sadly Scott has no time for psychological complexity.

Two Girls and A Guy (18), to rent

NOTHING BECOMES James Toback's three-handed chamber piece so much as its location: an immaculate open-plan multi-layer New York loft conversion. Toback films its philandering owner, Robert Downey Jr, and his girlfriends, Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner, attempting to impart their real-time debate on love and fidelity with a little class. Nice try. Inevitably, Downey Jr outwits the girls' attempt to corner him emotionally . Unless I missed the point, the witlessly self-serving arguments are meant to be taken at face value. The rest is platitude after platitude, redeemed only partially by the former Brat Packer's hammy performance.