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Viva Football HHHH

PlayStation Ever since 1966, England fans have dreamt of another World Cup win, but have suffered year after year of heartbreak. Now it is time to settle the score in Viva Football by Virgin. The game gives players the chance to replay every World Cup since 1958. The graphics are very impressive and there are some lovely touches, like chat from the players - but the game does take some getting into. Viva Football is very addictive, and who knows, maybe you can even win a penalty shootout for England.

Virgin, out now, pounds 39.99

Running Wild HHH

PlayStation Racing games have become a little boring these days - players get into cars and just drive around and around. So, to give us a little variety, Sony have come up with Running Wild. This is a new type of racing game where players choose from six animal characters and race against each other on foot. There are power-ups, such as wings and weapons, and six great-looking worlds to make your way through. With the inclusion of a fast-paced four-player option, you'll find yourself battling all the way to the finish line.

Sony, out now, pounds 39.99

Redguard HHH

PC CD-ROM It has been too long since the last decent pirate adventure graced our PCs. But, thanks to Virgin, we are in for a wonderful piece of swashbuckling action in the form of Redguard. The game casts the player as Cyrus, a mercenary who returns home to find his land in chaos. It is your job to solve the puzzles, and defeat the pirates to win the day. The graphics are very impressive, but the gameplay does leave a little to be desired as the sword-swiping showdowns become a bit repetitive. Even so, Redguard is worth a look.

Virgin, out now, pounds 39.99

Mario Party HHHH

N64 Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the little Italian plumber and all his friends, Mario is back to test your skills in Mario Party. This is the first adventure-cum-board game to be released. Players can take on either the computer or three friends in some of the wackiest action to hit the N64. There are various games to play, from treasure hunts and bob-sled races, to old-fashioned karting and brand-new tightrope walking. Mario Party is beautifully presented, and is superb fun for all the family.

Nintendo, out now, pounds 39.99