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Monaco Grand Prix 2 HHH

PlayStation With each new Grand Prix season come new drivers, new cars, new rules and, above all, an influx of new Grand Prix games, such as Racing Simulation Monaco Grand Prix 2. The game is a very neat- looking update of the PC version, with excellent graphics. The gameplay, however, suffers from a slightly unresponsive and unrealistic handling system. Also, with only four very similar modes of play, it is easy to lose interest.

Ubi Soft, out now, pounds 39.99

Civilisation: Call to Power HHHHH

PC CD-ROM Like its predecessors in the Civilisation series, Call to Power gives players the chance to build a society which conquers all others. But there are stacks of new features: a vast 7,000-year timeline (including the space age); all-new warfare tactics; new units; and many, many more. With its great graphics, the gameplay is extremely addictive. Civilization: Call to Power is one of the best PC games yet - but are you up to the task?

Activision, out now, pounds 44.99

X-Wing Alliance HHHH

PC CD-ROM To coincide with the imminent release of the new Star Wars film, LucasArts has launched this latest in the line of X-Wing titles. It continues the very imaginative chain of X-Wing games, with loads of authentic ships to control - from the Millennium Falcon to the X-Wings - and 50 missions to fly them on. The graphics are superb, although they are best run on a fast machine (200mHz minimum).

LucasArts, out now, pounds 29.99

Wild Metal Country HHH

PC CD-ROM Games involving tanks are becoming popular for new releases. In Gremlin's latest title, players take command of one of five different tanks in a no-holds-barred battle. The aim is to collect and store Power Cores of different colours to complete each level. The only problem is the inhabitants won't give them up without a fight. The graphics are excellent, but the game becomes repetitive after a few levels.

Gremlin, out now, pounds 29.99