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Street Fighter Alpha 3 HHHHH

PlayStation This game gives you the chance to fight as any of 32 characters, each with special manoeuvres that can blast opponents away. Thanks to the time release system, on every occasion you complete the game, new modes of play become available. The fast 2D graphics create some exciting action and although softer than import versions, make Street Fighter Alpha 3 the greatest test for gamers to date.

Virgin Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99

Bomberman Fantasy Racing H

PlayStation Ever since Mario and his friends took up racing, software developers everywhere have been trying to emulate huge success. Sadly, Bomberman Fantasy Racing fails. The aim is to win races, collect prize money in order to buy power-ups, and eventually tickets to the next races. With some of the worst graphics to be seen on the PlayStation and very blotchy gameplay, this won't dislodge Mario Kart from its throne.

Virgin Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99

Puma Street Soccer HH

PlayStation To keep football fans happy until the new season starts, Infogrames have launched Puma Street Soccer, a game dedicated to four- a-side football. Players are given the opportunity to control international teams and compete on various outdoor pitches, such as smartly designed airport runways and car-parks. As good as it all sounds, Puma Street Soccer lacks realism plus it's hard to control and score.

Infogrames, out now, pounds 39.99

Austin Powers HH

PC CD ROM The cheesy secret agent is breaking into computer games with Austin Powers: Operation Trivia. The theme is a music quiz from various decades and while there are quirky sound bites from Mike Myer's creations Dr Evil and Austin Powers, Operation Trivia is far from shagadelic. The simple gameplay becomes very tedious after the initial charm wears off and overall this is definitely not my bag, baby.

Sierra, July, pounds 29.99