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Nintendo 64 Fifa Soccer has always been a top notch game, but even on the powerful N64, it seems the soccer series is now running out of puff. While the animation is impressive, the gameplay has almost become too fast - a typical move averages around three passes before a shot - and the overcomplicated handling system can cause great frustration. Hopefully EA will go back to the drawing board before releasing Fifa 2000.

Electronic Arts, out now, pounds 44.99

TA: Kingdoms HHHH

PC CD-ROM With the new Command & Conquer title being delayed, GT have snuck in and unveiled their competitor, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. It maintains all the great features seen in the TA series - superb real- time strategy set in a 3D environment - but now incorporates magic as a weapon. With skeletons, dragons and wizards at your finger-tips, Kingdoms is truly a stroke of fantasy genius.

GT Interactive, out now, pounds 29.99

Beavis & Butt-Head H

PC CD-ROM GT Interactive have launched another Beavis and Butt- Head title this month, the aptly titled, Bunghole in One. Using the TV show's 2D cartoon style, it combines the weird, adolescent world of the two strange kids, with the mundane pastime of miniature golf. Although the game does, at first, entertain with its bizarrely themed holes, the simple point-and-click routine soon becomes very tedious.

GT Interactive, out now, pounds 19.99

Driver HHHH

PlayStation Driver is the first game based on movie-style get- aways. You take on the role of an undercover cop who is trying to collect evidence against various criminals across America. In order to do this you have to carry out driving-based missions, from breaking gangsters out of jail to catching loud-mouthed informants. With great graphics and innovative fast-paced action, Driver is certain to curb your need for speed.

GT Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99