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Baby Universe H

PlayStation Can it really be true? Have Sony freaked out? Their latest release, Baby Universe, is a 3D kaleidoscope - yes, a kaleidoscope. That's all it is. It runs on your PlayStation and basically, all you do is change the shape, colour and direction of the objects you want to involve in the pictures, and then watch it run. It's fun to watch all those mystic spirals for all of about five minutes, but if you want my advice, go to a toy store and buy a real kaleidoscope - it is cheaper, and much more fun.

Sony, November, pounds 44.99

Spyro the Dragon HHH

PlayStation The console-games world is becoming over-run with cuddly 3D adventure games - Sony's newest addition is Spyro the Dragon. The game casts you, the player, as Spyro, who has to restore peace to his world. Pick up gems, rescue other dragons, and eliminate anything that stands in your way. Graphically the game is superb, but, unfortunately, the gameplay is pretty repetitive, and the camera angle hard to control. This is the PlayStation's equivalent of Banjo Kazooie, but gets quite tedious after a while.

Sony, December, pounds 39.99

Bust-a-Groove HHHHH

PlayStation Following the success of Parrapa the Rapper, Sony are set to release Bust-a-Groove, a game based on dancing that looks to boogie all the way to the top. The player takes control of one of 12 characters, and must then dance in a one-on-one contest. Whoever the camera focuses on most by the end of the song wins. The graphics resemble those of Tekken 3, the game has tough opposition, great music and a wonderful two-player mode, so it should be a big hit. Bust-a-Groove is just too funky to resist.

Sony, November, pounds 34.99

Blasto HH

PlayStation Superheroes seem to have become less and less popular recently. So, when Sony release a fairly average game with a superhero like Blasto, it looks like Batman and co would be best left in comic-books. The game features a colourful character with big hair and a large laser. Unsurprisingly, the majority of action revolves around blowing away anything that moves and although the graphics are fine, it is all worthless when the gameplay is lacking. It is good for a while, but the appeal is very short-lived.

Sony, November, pounds 39.99