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X-Games Pro Boarder HH

PlayStation Spring may be here, but the lust for snowboarding is ongoing. With X-Games Pro Boarder, Sony welcomes you back to the piste. Pro Boarder follows the same format as most snowboarding games - a number of different events, including slalom and half-pipe, as well as a choice of boards and boarders. Although the game is well presented, with fast, smooth, and accurate graphics, the gameplay is somewhat lacking. The controls are difficult, and the theme is pretty repetitive. This is not the best game Sony has released.

Sony, out now, pounds 39.99

RollerCoaster Tycoon HHHH

PC CD-Rom Ever since the release of Theme Park, players have been begging for another chance to run their own amusement park. The format of Microprose's RollerCoaster Tycoon is similar to Theme Park - players can pick from various rides, mainly roller-coaster-based ones, and build up their own park. The aim is to attract as many customers as possible by developing rides as technology becomes available. With quirky graphics and challenging gameplay, this is truly addictive - a real feather in Microprose's hat.

Microprose, out now, pounds 29.99

Fighter Squadron HHHHH

PC CD-Rom Activision is not known for flight-sims, but when it releases a game like Fighter Squadron, heads begin to turn. The game has great looking graphics and atmospheric sound effects to get your heart racing. As gameplay goes, Activision has included a wide variety of gizmos to keep you entertained, such as the choice of authentic WWII planes (from bombers to fighters), loads of scenarios to complete, and huge 3D worlds to explore. But you need a very fast computer to play such an advanced game.

Activision, out now, pounds 39.99

Tribes HHHH

PC CD-Rom First-person warfare games have become all the rage, and Dynamix is trying to cut in on the action with Tribes. The game casts you as one of an elite army of soldiers. Your mission is to go through levels of huge 3D worlds and destroy anyone who stands in your way. There are loads of weapons, enemies and carnage, superb graphics, and the gameplay, with the option of playing over the Internet, is really enthralling. Tribes is a game of wits, and only the strongest minds and quickest fingers will survive.

Dynamix, out now, pounds 39.99