Win a vintage TV - or a private movie

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ROBERT REDFORD'S new film, Quiz Show, has been much acclaimed and is now up for four Oscars. Redford gathered an outstanding cast - Ralph Fiennes, in his first Hollywood lead; John Turturro, Paul Scofield and Rob Morrow -and vividly recreated the world of American television in the 1950s, complete with Brylcreemed hair, Bakelite appliances, cheesy sponsorships, and more sleaze than you'll find in 1990s Westminster.

The film's distributor, Buena Vista, is offering IoS readers the chance to win one of two outstanding prizes. The first is a reproduction Fifties- style colour television, worth £699. The Retrovisor Art Deco Television has a 9in screen, remote control, and is designed to replicate the original Bakelite look. The second is the chance to invite up to 50 friends, relations, colleagues, whoever, to a private screening of Quiz Show at a central London preview theatre, at a time and date to be confirmed with Buena Vista. Drinks and snacks will be provided before the screening. To enter either competition, just send us three questions to match the following answers:

1 "Waif", not "Alf".

2 He got out of his car and shouted across to him, asking for directions.

3 Amon Goeth.

Answers, on a postcard marked either `Quiz Show TV' or `Quiz Show Screening', to: Arts Desk, Independent on Sunday, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DL. The closing date is Friday (24 Feb). Usual competition rules apply, and the editor's decision is final.

! `Quiz Show' (15) opens at the Odeon Haymarket, London SW1 (071-839 7697) and cinemas around the country on 3 March.