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The prehistoric, award-winning, claymation family arrives on video. A "quiet" day in the cave - spent arguing, as usual - is brought to an abrupt end as an earthquake destroys the entire valley. The Gogs escape the devastation only to watch from afar as their beloved home is swallowed by the earth. But salvation could be at hand in the form of a large star which they believe will guide them to a new home...

The Gogs are a pre-historic clan with their own unique style of off- beat humour. They're outrageous, hilarious, bizarre and bad-mannered ... and from 28 December, they're on video. Warner Vision bring you 30 fetid minutes of the Gogs' adventures in their first major feature, Gogs - Gogwana. We have 15 copies of the video, Gogs - Gogwana, up for grabs, as well as 10 limited-edition signed artwork prints by animators of the series. Send your name and address on a postcard to: Gogs Comp, Coalition, 12 Barley Mow Passage, London W4 4PH by 28 Dec 1998. The first 10 cards picked will receive a print and a copy of the video, and five runners- up will each get Gogs - Gogwana.