Words: ittite, n.

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IN Prospect, Nicolas Walter refers to "what we used to call an `ittite' " - one free with the pronoun. One hundred and fifty years ago Macaulay told Bulwer-Lytton, "There is no fault so common even in our best writers as that of putting he and it in wrong places."

He amended some Johnson: "Pope lived in the closest intimacy with his (Pope's) commentator, and amply rewarded his (Warburton's) kindness and zeal; for he (Pope) introduced him (Warburton) to Mr Murray, by whose interest he (Warburton) became preacher at Lincoln's Inn, and to Mr Allen who gave him (Warburton) his (All-en's) niece, and his (Allen's) estate, and by consequence a bishopric. When he (Pope) died, he (Pope) left him (Warburton) the property of his (Pope's) works."