World fair for a fair world

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Global Partnership '95 is the UK's largest ever gathering of Third World charities and traders. Over 100 traders of clothes and crafts will be exhibiting their wares this weekend, every one of which is screened to check that they subscribe to "fair trade" policy, namely that the producers of goods receive fair financial return which is not siphoned off by the middle men and retail outlets of industrialised nations. Other attractions include London's largest alternative energy exhibition, a world travel exhibition, a comprehensive children's programme and three days of world music. Ancient fertility face masks from Mozambique may be obtainable this weekend, but more importantly Global Partnership '95 offers the conscientious visitor the chance to share ideas on Third World development and environmental issues. The ethos behind the event is "A world fair for a fair world". Organisers of the event are attempting to encourage dialogue between all the different stakeholders in international issues and depict the Third World as more than images of starving African children.

Barbican Exhibition Halls, London EC2 (0171-638 4141) today & Sun; pounds 4, pounds 2 concs