X Factor 2014 preview: Cheryl labels Raign Rabin 'annoying' as series struggles to find a star

Video clips ahead of tomorrow's programme show an abundance of odd acts

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The X Factor's judging panel may be rejuvenated this year thanks to the return of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole, yet the series is still lacking a stand out performer - as a glimpse at this weekend's auditions all too clearly shows.

No doubt acts like Paul Akister, Andrea Faustini, Jay James and Lauren Platt have proved big hits, but others have failed to live up to their early promise, with Cole evidently upset to see old favourite Amy Connelley fail to progress last week.

This week's show could do with an injection of raw talent and goosebump-inducing performances. However, that's difficult when dealing with the likes of Raign Rabin.

The 31-year-old made it through her first audition, just about. Her voice is not great; her personality even worse. This was how she first introduced herself to the judges: "I think a big part of what I've got to sell to the world is my personality. What I need to say to my fans, it's not enough for me over Twitter. They love it up on Twitter but I'm a personality and I want to be in the world".

Raign Rabin performs Raign 'Don't Let Me Go'

Her attitude elicited groans from Mel C and Cole, and in her audition this week in front of huge audience Cole can be heard saying, "She's really annoying".

Faring much better is Chloe Jasmine, who clearly grabs the attention of Cowell, Cole and Louis Walsh. But one wonders how commercial Jasmine's 1940s voice and style is - and whether The X Factor is the right vehicle for her kind of music.

Chloe Jasmine sings 'Why Don't You Do Right'

Still, even if The X Factor has yet to find its "Leona" this year, the audition weeks are always the most entertaining purely for the cringe appeal.

Step forward the bizarre pair called Major, two women who are asked by the seemingly gender-blind Walsh, "You are two girls, yeah?" They shout their way through Icona Pop's "I Love It", a rendition described by Cowell as akin to experiencing hell.

Major perform Icona Pop 'I Love It'

At the moment, The X Factor judges are still searching for talent that really makes them shout, "I love it".