X-Treme: Three Places To Try Yoga

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Thompson Centre

Red Lion Street, Burnley (01282 43430)

An eight-week course costs pounds 19.20 in advance. Classes run on Mondays 7pm-8.30pm & Thursdays 1pm-2.30pm. Individual sessions cost pounds 2.80, plus a 55p admission fee for non-members.

New Body's Fitness Centre

140 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 (0171-498 2833) Yoga classes here cost pounds 4 and are tailored to beginners (Wed 7pm-8pm) and intermediate students (Sun 11.30am-1pm).

Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre

22 Elephant & Castle Road, London SE1 (0171-582 5505)

This session (Sat 11am-1pm) offers two hours of extremely relaxing yoga. Classes put a strong emphasis on breathing, relaxation and meditation.