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Good Day for large cars, as two suspected burglars in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, were caught when police noticed a stolen safe sticking out of the back of their Honda Prelude. The safe, together with darts, pool cues and other games equipment, had been stolen from a local business, but could not all be crammed into the car's boot.

Bad Day for Hiradevi Bista, an 82-year-old woman from Nepal who has been charged with killing her neighbour's cow. She was arrested after an autopsy confirmed that the cow had been poisoned. In Nepal, cow-slaughter carries a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.

Icy Day for bear-lovers, as a hearing in Tucson, Arizona, tried to settle a dispute between game officials on Mount Lemmon and Ms Patricia Thomas, whom they have charged with "misdemeanour nuisance". They say she has been feeding the bears with hand-packed French vanilla ice-cream. There is no dispute that she bought 10 to 12 litres of the luxury ice and fed it to the bears outside her cabin, but her lawyers say it happened before a 15 May ordinance against bear feedings.