You ask the questions: Mary Quant

(Such as, Mary Quant, were you the trendiest girl in your school? And blue lipstick - why?)
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FASHION DESIGNER Mary Quant, 65, was brought up in Blackheath, London. She studied art at Goldsmiths, where she met her future husband Alexander Plunket Greene at a ball. In 1955, they opened a clothes shop on the King's Road, with pounds 5,000 that Alexander inherited on his 21st birthday. Bazaar became the epicentre of swinging London and customers included the Beatles and top models. Quant lives in Surrey and has a son, Orlando.

Do you wear tracksuit bottoms around the house ?

David Hasell, Thames Ditton

Yes, I am afraid so - but I prefer to wear jodhpurs from the horse shop most of the time.

Have you any plans to bring back your make-up? My friends and I absolutely love it. We like your logo, too.

Joanne Kipreos (aged 11) from Kingussie, Scotland

We have shops in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo with a large range of make-up - 101 lipstick colours, 99 nail polish colours and 120 eye shadow colours. The address of our shop in Chelsea is 3 Ives Street, London, SW3 2NE. For mail-order, tel: 0171 581 1811.

Why the flower?

Stephanie Street, London

I used to doodle the daisy on the focal point of the first rough drawings for dresses and things - and it always looked better than anything else. So it stayed and has always been lucky. I love it.

How does swinging London in the Sixties compare with swinging London in the Nineties?

Catherine Robertson, Clerkenwell, London

London in the Nineties is bigger and better and more sophisticated than it was in the Sixties, with wonderful restaurants, clubs, theatres, art galleries etc. I think London is the best place in the world to work and the most stylish.

Who do you think are the most stylish people in the public eye today?

CB Styler, Notting Hill, London

Models - on the job, in a studio or on the catwalk. Fantastic stuff.

Blue lipstick - why?

Clare Simpson, Birmingham

Blue gloss lipstick gives a gloss finish and blue glow to the lipstick colour worn underneath. This effect is good used for photography or disco lighting.

Do you wash your hair yourself? (I read somewhere that you go to Vidal Sassoon's every day)

SJ Clarke (by e-mail)

I wash my hair myself most days and go to Vidal Sassoon nearly every week, as I am a great fan.

Are there any words or phrases that you use all the time?

Claire Cooper, Cambridge

I hope not, but phrases can be very catching.

Were you the trendiest girl in your school?

CD White, Hampshire


Do you still have a mini (car, not dress)?

Dr David James, Oxford

No, but I did love it. I had a black mini with black leather seats.

Stripy tights: any regrets?

Melissa Parker (by e-mail)

It depends on the thighs. They can look good with apres ski clothes.

What was your biggest fashion mistake? (if you've had one)

Jane Blythe, Camden, London

Mistakes I put out of my mind if I can, and here I have succeeded.

What is your fondest memory of the Beatles?

Sarah Cross (by e-mail)

John and Paul used to drop into the studio to buy things for their girlfriends. The first time they came in, the girls in the studio fainted.

What do you make of the Sixties revival?

Vicky Brown, Milton Keynes

The Sixties were a time of revolution in fashion, music, theatre, film, literature, food, the emancipation of women with the Pill and the whole way of life changed. The root of modern clothes today started there, so one sees likenesses, and fashion has evolved every season from there.

Are you still in touch with Twiggy?

Mark Janus, Cambridge


Psychedelic drugs - good or bad?

James Barker, Swindon

Too frightening.

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