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Sex Italian style: Italian doctors have devised a battery-operated microchip to combat impotence. Housed in a box 2cm by 3cm, it is inserted into the scrotum. The smart chip stimulates nerves at the base of the penis to enable the wearer to attain an erection.

Sex Spanish style: The Spanish prison service has bought 1.7 million condoms at auction, to be distributed to inmates, four condoms a month. Prisoners are allowed one conjugal visit each month.

Sex Indonesian style: Officials on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, have banned contraception to women whose husbands work overseas. "It's meant as a precaution so lonely housewives won't be tempted to do negative things while their husbands are away," a spokesman said.

Sex British style: A survey for She magazine revealed the following:

A third of all couples have not spent a whole weekend together in the past six months; 27 per cent of couples spend "much of their leisure time" having sex;

38 per cent of women would end the relationship if their partner was unfaithful;

"Darling" is a more popular pet name than "badger", "pigeon" or "Batman".