Christian Broughton

Christian Broughton is the Editor of Independent Digital. When he was appointed, in October 2012, The Independent attracted 17.9 million monthly unique visitors. Now that figure stands at almost 70 million, with a digital editorial team of more than 50. In July 2014 he launched the award-winning i100 as a quality, groundbreaking news site for millennials. Now 38, he first worked at The Independent while still at university, and has occupied a number of positions across the print side of the business, from news to magazines, including senior positions as Features Editor, Sports Editor, and Assistant Editor, running the night desk and editing editions of both The Independent and i. He has also worked at publications including the Daily Mirror and Time Out, and has spent time as a freelance features writer. He can also be found enjoying the recent fortunes of West Ham and spending time with his wife and three children, or setting sail from the East Coast looking for a spot where his phone has no signal but the GPS still works.

Now for the next chapter...

Here’s to the next 30 years of The Independent, as well as the last. We’ve come a long way since that first edition, a black-and-white broadsheet, rolled off the presses in the early hours of Tuesday 7 October 1986. Reading again that front page, framed on the wall of our offices, it’s hard to resist the inevitable observation: the world too has changed so much in three decades.