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David Prosser

David Prosser is a former business editor of The Independent who now writes for a variety of publications, often focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship.

Small Talk: Half the workforce could be freelance soon, but ministers

Could one in two people really be working for themselves within five years? That’s the prediction of PeoplePerHour, an online platform that matches people looking to get jobs done with freelancers capable of doing them. It says that on current trends, more than 50 per cent of working people will be doing at least some freelance work, even if some of them also have a day job.

'British banks just don't understand customers'

Vernon Hill’s Metro Bank has made its mark in Britain, even if it has yet to make a profit. With an approach to customer relationships that owes more to Steve Jobs than his industry rivals, he’s ready to break the mould

Small Talk: Britain's answer to Germany’s famed mid-market sector

Germany’s Mittelstand companies are renowned as commercial powerhouses – these medium-sized, often family-owned businesses have become symbols of German economic superiority. It may therefore come as a surprise to discover that the Mittelstand’s equivalent in the UK has grown so rapidly over the past five years that it’s now bigger and better than Germany’s.

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