Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a comedian, broadcaster and author who has presented radio and television programmes including The Mark Steel Lectures and Mark Steel's in Town, and appeared regularly on shows such as Question Time, Have I Got News for You, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. In 2006 he published Vive La Revolution: A Stand-up History of the French Revolution, and in 2000 stood as a candidate in the London Assembly elections.

The Labour plotters are right about Jeremy Corbyn

The plotters made an important point: that Corbyn must ‘reach out’. Instead of being divisive, as he was last time by offering them jobs in the shadow cabinet from which they resigned, he should let them pick their own jobs, and if they don’t fancy doing them one day, let them bring in games

I'm sick of the PC referendum debates where everyone takes offence

If, during Spain v Turkey at the Euros, the commentator had said, “That cross is cut out by the goalkeeper, who’s probably a commander of Isis and if the EU get their way will be living in Stoke by the end of the week, claiming it’s his human right to fire rocket-propelled grenades at your pot plants”, he’d have the PC brigade claiming this was “racist”

Hillsborough police were incompetent? Hardly

If Colonel Gaddafi had any sense, he’d have told Kelvin MacKenzie he was just about to order free and fair elections when Liverpool fans without tickets broke down his door

Thank God our schools have finally been set free by George Osborne

Soon Osborne will announce the next stage, yelling: “Don’t let maths teachers control your thoughts by telling you what numbers to write down, man, set yourself free of their bureaucracy with our teacherless academies, where you can think of whatever number turns you on!"

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