Simon Kelner

Simon Kelner was Editor of The Independent between 1998 and 2011. He writes a daily column for i.

The demise of the Rushdie union is a typical tale of marriage

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Put these two aphorisms together, and you have the preternaturally rather wonderful form of Padma Lakshmi, who we know less as an ex-model and the host of America’s Top Chef than as the former wife of the celebrated author Salman Rushdie.

When did gambling become the nation’s new tipple?

When I was growing up, there were countless adverts on television proclaiming the virtues of certain alcoholic drinks. “Try the taste of Martini”; “I’d love a Babycham”; “Heineken refreshes the parts”, etc. At the same time, gambling was regarded as a pursuit so dangerous that the windows of betting shops were blacked out and it was inconceivable that a bookmaker would be allowed to advertise. The not-so-subliminal message was: drinking good, betting bad.

Bank governor Mark Carney is the archetypal ‘Davos Man’

I asked a friend who runs a multinational company, and is a regular attendee, whether he was coming to Davos. “Not this year,” he said, “It’s much better I’m at my desk working, rather than sitting in a room talking about working"

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What did Rochdale ever do to deserve Simon Danczuk’s tawdry saga?

Mr Danczuk has apologised for his actions, and went on to explain that, in the same way as some men may prefer blondes, he likes young women. For a man who did so much to expose Cyril Smith’s predatory behaviour, this was an unfortunate admission, to say the least

Hate New Year's Eve? Here's how to get through it unscathed

Driven to the edge by a classroom full of recalcitrant teenagers, my old maths teacher ended one lesson in total exasperation. “I’ve taught you everything I know,” he exclaimed. “And now you know nothing!” I knew what he was getting at, and his words are echoing in my head as I write this column in which I’m going to tell you everything I know about New Year’s Eve – lessons that have been learned the hard way through years of experience. I don’t, however, expect you to remember any of it once you put your dancing shoes on.