Communities pull together for Global Work Party 2010

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Communities in over 170 countries gather together to help the environment as part of Global Work Party 2010.

Held on October 10, Global Work Party encourages people to take part in a community project that will be beneficial to the environment, to date nearly 5000 projects have been organized in 174 countries.

The event is coordinated by international action group, which has previously organized environmental campaigns such as Hands Across the Sand and International Day of Climate Action 2009.

In London alone over 25 events are being held as part of Global Work Party including a pop-up vegan banquet, and a pedal-powered film festival; in Paris residents can participate in a mass eco-picnic; in China intrepid cyclists will be attempting the 350km round trip between Beijing and Tianjin; residents of Auckland, Australia are holding a mass fix-up of bicycles, while street parties, clean-ups and film screenings will be held throughout New York and other cities around the world.

Anyone can organize and register an event with the group; suggestions and organization tips are available to download from the website.

Other global events designed to raise public awareness of environmental issues include Green Building Week (September 20-26), World Car Free Day (September 22) and Earth Lunch Hour (October 6).

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