Emma Thompson and fellow Greenpeace activists celebrate Shell’s exit from drilling in Alaska

Shell’s decision marks the end of Greenpeace’s demonstration outside their London headquarters

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Emma Thompson led the celebrations after Royal Dutch Shell announced on Monday that it will cease its campaign to produce oil in Alaska. Thompson has been involved in Greenpeace’s recent demonstration which saw the secretive planting of a three-tonne animatronic polar bear outside Shell’s London headquarters.

The soundtrack to the activists’ celebrations included arctic-based songs like ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘Cold As Ice’. Speeches from environmental spokespeople and Thompson provided an interlude between the festivities.

Watch the actress’ address below.

Thompson told The Independent that governments worldwide “have not honoured” environmental law “and if they had been honoured then we wouldn’t be here now… that’s what is incredibly irritating”.

After the speeches, the huge polar bear named Aurora was heaved away by activists.

It will now be transported to Paris where the international community will soon gather to negotiate a deal on climate change.