Actors join campaign against fracking

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Leading actors including Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana have joined the campaign against shale drilling by recording an online protest video in which they tell gas prospectors: "I love my New York water – stop fracking with it."

Amid mounting concern over the controversial technology, which has been blamed for causing environmental degradation and contaminating water supplies, the stars are shown gargling, drinking, and taking a bath, to show their appreciation of their home state's aquatic resources.

Exploratory drilling for shale gas recently began in Britain near Blackpool but was suspended this month following two small earthquakes.

Fracking involves blasting rock with pressurised fluid and chemicals to release trapped gas. Commercial fracking has already been banned in France as well as New York and Pennsylvania.

Ruffalo said: "My family moved to our quiet farming town on the Delaware river so we could enjoy a simple, healthy life outside of the bustling city. We want to enjoy that peace down the road, and know that the tap water we drink, and bathe our children in, is safe."