'Hopenhagen' a rallying point for COP15 supporters

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The Hopenhagen campaign is seeking to rally supporters for the UN COP15 Climate Change Conference, which begins December 7. On Hopenhagen.org, visitors are invited to "become citizens of Hopenhagen" by signing a Climate Change petition that will be presented to world leaders at the conference.

Hopenhagen is generated by the International Advertising Association to support the UN. Its mission is to "connect every person, every city, and every nation to Copenhagen." To that end, Hopenhagen.org was created as a hub where citizens, governments, organizations, and corporations can find information and add their two cents to the campaign.

Along with the petition, which calls for a climate treaty that is "ambitious, fair and effective in reducing emissions," visitors to the site can find a Hopenhagen Passport Facebook application, in which users earn "passport stamps" by taking personal actions to combat climate change, and a pre-written letter and email form to invite others to take part in the campaign.

A Hopenhagen Facebook page and Twitter account, both accessible from Hopenhagen.org, allow users to connect and share their views leading up to and during the conference. H openhagen.org is also posting news about climate change and the happenings at COP15.