How to tutorials: Green the house and the family

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Going green is not only good for the environment but it can also save money by reducing consumption of costly items such as electricity. Popular industry magazine Environmental graffiti outlined 5 steps detailing how to make your family and household go green.


1. Use Energy Star appliances-Energy Star is a ratings system developed in the US and adopted by countries across the globe. Energy star products are highly efficient, it is estimated that consumers could reduce their electricity consumption by 30% by switching to energy efficient appliances. A list of countries which recognize the Energy Star scheme and  Energy Star rated appliances can be found  at:

2. Grow your own vegetables - growing food in your home helps contribute to the environment by cutting down on packaging waste, removing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods to the supermarket shelves and by providing organic recyclable leftovers. A guide to growing and eating organic is available from :

3. Use Natural cleansers - using natural cleansers or cleansers constructed out of household items such as vinegar and baking soda prevents harmful toxins being released into the environment. The European Commission provides a brochure on green cleaners at: , environmentally friendly cleaning products are also available to buy on

4. Cut out fast food - Fast foods are wrapped in a huge amount of packaging which generally is not bio- degradable and is produced using products or methods harmful to the environment. Many environmentalists extol the virtues of a vegan diet, more information about veganism can be found in this video:

5. On your bike - by choosing to bike whenever possible you can reduce pollution and CO2 emissions associated with motor transport, and get some exercise as well. Bike hire schemes are available throughout London, Melbourne Mexico City, Paris, Toronto New York and Toyama Japan. Bike constructed from bamboo, a highly sustainable and fast growing resource are available for upwards of 2000€ from retailers such as :