MSPs back cautious approach to GM foods

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An Executive motion tabled by Susan Deacon calling for a cautious approach to be taken on GM food technology, with health and environmental concerns to be paramount, was passed by 57 votes to 19, with 28 abstentions.

An amendment from the SNP's Kenny MacAskill pressing for a moratorium on field crop testing until all fears were allayed was rejected by 59 votes to 43 with 16 abstentions.

An amendment from the Tories' Alex Johnstone to delay the recently announced farm-scale trials until scientific evidence had proved it was safe, was defeated by 57 votes to 48, with one abstention.

An amendment from the Green Party's Robin Harper calling for the Scottish Parliament's committees to report on the full implications of the tests for the economy, agriculture and environment fell by 53 votes to 36, with 19 abstentions

An SNP motion from Fiona Hyslop calling for the Executive to consider ways to increase investment on Scotland's infrastructure was today rejected.

An Executive amendment to the SNP motion, tabled by Wendy Alexander, recognising the work carried out to provide a better framework for providing a better infrastructure, was accepted by 59 votes to 48, with no abstentions.

An amendment from Conservative Annabel Goldie calling for tax rises to be ruled out at the same time as increasing investment automatically fell as a result.

The original motion, as amended by Ms Alexander, was therefore passed by 59 votes to 49, with no abstentions.