Fishermen make quick getaway as they discover killer whales chasing their boat

The two men filmed a pod of around 30 Orcas off the coast of San Diego, California

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Two fishermen had a terrifying encounter with a pod of what they believed to be around 30 orcas swimming around their boat.

The men didn't know exactly what the animals were until they came startlingly close and attempted to move away quickly. Though orcas rarely attack humans the mens 20ft fishing boat could be easily flipped over by the whales.

The man holding the camera who was fishing with his friend Todd declares at the beginning of the video "I'm really scared he's going to bite my arm off" as he attempts to film an orca swimming close to their boat.

As the men try to get away more quickly one of them shouts "He's right under us!" as the group of whales chase them, leaping out of the water to get a closer look. They may possibly be the same group filmed last week chasing tuna off the coast a few miles north towards Los Angeles.