Polar bear birthday party becomes traffic cone rave at Munich zoo

Nela and Nobby celebrated their first birthday yesterday

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Polar bears know how to have a good time.

Birthdays are always a cause for celebration, but even more so if it's the first birthday of adorable polar bear twins Nela and Nobby, who live at the Tierpark Hellabrynn zoo in Munich.

Their mother Giovanna was supposed to be keeping an eye on things in case the cubs got out of hand, but seeing the traffic cones that the keepers had given as presents was clearly too overwhelming.


Nela and Nobby became famous when they made headlines for being thought to be the first polar bear cubs to be caught on camera during birth. Seven-year-old polar bear Giovanna gave birth to her twins in the birthing den at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich, Germany. They were the only polar bear cubs to be born in captivity in Europe in 2013.


Nela (or Nobby) plays with a traffic cone during celebrations marking its first birthday in an enclosure at Tierpark Hellabrunn zoo in Munich

One year old polar bear Nobby plays with a traffic cone - a birthday gift - during his birthday party at the polar bears' outdoor enclosure at the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich