Swedish air force to compensate farmers after causing mink to kill pups


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The Swedish Air Force has apologised after its low-flying jets caused such panic among hundreds of captive mink that they turned on their young and viciously attacked them.

More than 500 of the mink pups are believed to have been killed in the massacre at a farm in Western Sweden, where the Air Force was conducting military exercises.

A military lawyer, Lena Ahlström, said they apologised for the “unfortunate incident”, and have agreed to pay damages, the German press agency, DPA, reported.

The deaths happened last summer, and the mink farmers have been pressing for compensation ever since. An exact figure is expected to be agreed in the next few weeks.

Like many other small mammals, mink will attack their young under circumstances of extreme stress. They are bred in Sweden for their soft fur, which is used for clothing.

Earlier this month, about 50 animal rights activists stormed a mink farm in Southern Sweden to demand its closure.