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Elephant slaughter continues, but so does hope

It was one of the worst sights I’ve ever seen. We drove round a clump of mopani bushes, and there it lay: huge, shapeless, inert, with a disgusting mess of dried blood and raw, blackening flesh where the tusks had been hacked carelessly away. The hulk had begun to stink.   

Arizona's rains: Monsoon, moths, militia, and me

Every year, the rains arrive in southern Arizona and turn the arid desert into a home for millions of rare moths, spiders and snakes – not to mention the tens of thousands of collectors who hope to capture them. Douglas Main joins them.

Why do dolphins seek out encounters with humans?

Why, despite our frequent cruelty to them, do dolphins seem to actively seek out encounters with humans? Are they trying to tell us something? Do they think we have something in common? In her new book, Susan Casey explains all