Renewable Energy Exhibition opens in Paris: focus on solar

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Wednesday was the opening day of the 8th annual Renewable Energy Exhibition (The Salon des Energies Renouvelables), which this year takes place in Paris Porte de Versailles from June 16 to 18. The exhibition, which began in 2001 and has been held seven times since, is dedicated to professionals from across the renewable energy sector.

Exhibitors this year include French energy provider EDF, which last year formed a joint venture with First Solar Inc to build France's largest solar panel manufacturing plant. Other exhibitors include developer of solar technology Solairvie and Siemens which recently re-designed their headquarters in Munich to increase standards of environmental efficiency.

The exhibition, which focuses on solar photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems, wind power and biomass, has seen a steady increase in visitors since it began in 2001. Professional visiting figures increased from 8,500 in 2006 to 13 626 in 2008 and are estimated to reach 20 000 in 2010.

Attendance figures at the Renewable Energy Exhibition are expected to increase as France is currently considered the second largest European market in terms of renewable energy and is forecast to be a major growth sector when compared to more mature markets such as Germany.

In comparison, the UK-based All Energy Exhibition and Conference held in May of this year attracted only 7000 visitors but what is thought to be the largest renewable energy exhibition in the world, the International Green Expo Korea, has hosted as many as 40,000 visitors from around the globe, and is due to take place again in April 2011.

The Renewable Energy Exhibition is open to professionals only from 9.00 am to 6.30pm.