Stop shaving help save the environment says major brewer

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In the weeks leading up to World Environment Day (WED) on June 5 a major brewer is encouraging men across America to put down the razor, ditch the shaving foam, and let the five-o'clock-shadow grow, all in an effort to save water.

The campaign is called "Grow one. Save a million" and was conceived by Budweiser which, in the leadup to World Environment Day, aims to raise awareness of how those in developed countries use water.  

Budweiser estimates that each man uses 5 gallons (over 18 liters) of water per shave; the campaign aims to encourage enough men to join in to save one million gallons in the runup to World Environment Day.

Through the company's Facebook page ( - the page must first be 'liked') consumers over the age of 21 can make a pledge not to shave, grow a beard, and help save the environment.The page also allows users to track the amount of water currently saved and ladies can sign up any male friends who they think could benefit from a beard.

The company will also donate $150,000 to the River Network, which supports watershed conservation in the United States though the company did not state how much water is needed to make a Budweiser beer.

Of course Budweiser is not the only company running promotions to coincide with World Environment Day (WED).

Among the numerous other companies participating  are organic Australian brand Sanctum skincare, which recently pledged their support with the launch of 100 percent bio-degradable packaging; health care and nutrition company Bayer,one of the sponsors of WED in North America; and Emirates airline which will be flying the A380, supposedly a 'cleaner' aircraft, into Rome on June 5 to mark both World Environment Day and the anniversary of Italian unification the following day.

However World Environment Day, which began in 1972, is more about individual and political awareness than corporate promotion. As part of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) WED is used by the UN to stimulate political environmental discussion and encourage individuals to live greener lives.  For more information about WED including how to take part in local events see: