US scientist Hansen awarded for climate work

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US scientist James Hansen has won the Sophie Prize for environmental work for his efforts to educate the world on climate change and its effects, the award's foundation announced on Wednesday.

Hansen "has played a key role for the development of our understanding of human-induced climate change," the foundation said.

The foundation noted that Hansen had as early as 1988 "presented results for the American Congress testifying to the probability that human-induced climate change was a threat to the planet."

Hansen would later say that president George W. Bush's administration sought to censor him on the issue.

"Hansen is the person that has made it impossible for us to tell our grandchildren that we did not know what we were doing," said prize chair Nina Drange.

The Sophie Prize, which includes an award of 100,000 dollars (75,000 euros), is an annual environment and sustainable development prize.

This year marks the 13th time it has been awarded. It was founded by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder, author of the novel "Sophie's World," and his wife.