Video has emerged showing the moment a stingray gives birth inside a fishing boat.

The stingray was initially captured and had its venomous tail cut off before the fishermen realised she was pregnant.

The footage shows a fisherman assisting the stingray in giving birth by gentling rubbing its stomach.


The video shows a dozen baby stingrays being delivered on the fishing boat.

The footage uploaded by Javier Capello explained on Reddit that the stingray was caught “with just the basic: Line, hook, living bait. As bait we used a little morena”.

“We didn't really know what to do, she was having problems letting the littles out so we gave her some help.”

“We thought she was dying at first because we cut her tail off before realizing she was pregnant. We returned them and the mother and luckily they survived :)”

Javier explained that they put mother and babies back into the sea: “we felt guilty and threw them all back”.

Stingrays have been known to store sperm for years and may not give birth until they feel the time is right.

The video uploaded to YouTube on Boxing Day has already received over 1 million views.