Weekly green agenda: Global Work Party, Solar Power International

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People around the world are invited to take part in community projects which reduce carbon emissions as part of Global Work Party on October 10. Environmentally conscious consumers and photovoltaic industry professionals can gain an insight into the world of solar power with conferences from Solar Power International being broadcast on the internet from October 12.

Global Work Party
October 10

This global event aims to stress the importance of cutting carbon emissions. One-day events around the world will be held to tackle the problem of global warming - in New Zealand a 'giant bike fix up' is taking place, inhabitants of the Maldives intend to affix solar panels to a public building and in Bolivia a huge picnic using solar-powered stoves is scheduled.

Solar Power International 2010
October 12-14
Las Vegas, USA

A business-to-business event for the solar power industry with exhibitors from over 90 countries expected to attend this year. As part of the event a conference on solar power will be broadcast live on the internet.

SUN 28th International Exhibition of Outdoor Products
October 14-16,
Rimini, Italy

A two-day trade show for professionals in the outdoor design industry, this year's event features SUN.LAB, an event showcasing the most innovative and creative designs with the theme of 'playing'. The exhibition also features new designs of outdoor toys, swimming pools and hot tubs.

The One Tonne Family project closes to entrants
October 18
Stockholm, Sweden

The One Tonne Family competition closes to entrants - the One Tonne project aims to prove that by living in a specially designed house and using energy-saving appliances an average family can reduce its carbon footprint from around seven tonnes to a mere one tonne without changing its lifestyle. The project begins in January 2011 and the selected family will be filmed and asked to blog about the experience.

Green awards closes to entrants [Extended deadline]
October 22
London UK / International

The Green Awards, which recognizes contributions to the environment and sustainability through advertising by corporations, closes to entrants.

Smart Move launches in the UK
November 2-4
London, UK

As part of the Euro Bus Expo 2010, Smart Move, a global network advocating the use of bus travel as a green alternative to cars, will launch its UK chapter.

ICT for Sustainable Homes
November 17- 19
Nice, France

An international conference and exhibition focusing on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for sustainable homes. As part of the program companies will demonstrate their latest developments in the field of ICT. ICT development is directly related to smart grid technology and development of ICT for the home could lead to more efficient energy management systems.

November 30 - December 3
Lyon, France

Pollutec is a four-day exhibition for professionals in the fields of environmental equipment and technology; 30 percent of the event's 2,400 exhibitors are expected to be from outside of France. For the first time the latest environmental technologies will be showcased at a specially designated research, innovation and finance pavilion.

Green awards winners announced
December 2
London, UK

The winners of The Green Awards will be announced. The Green Awards recognize companies praising sustainable and environmental policies through advertising campaigns.

International CES
January 6-9, 2011
Las Vegas, USA

A panel of independent, designers, engineers and journalists judge a selection of products including the best in eco-friendly and sustainable consumer products.  The annual event is organized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).