Weekly green glossary: Bundchen, biotech, solar, Wikileaks

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Buzz words for the week ending December 10:

Biotech- environmental group Greenpeace handed a petition of a million signatures to the European Commission in Brussels, those that signed are calling for a freeze on the import of 'biotech' crops.  ( NY Times)  

Cancun- negotiators struggle desperately to reach agreement as the international climate change conference held in Cancun, Mexico, comes to a close today. ( NY Times, Guardian, Economic Times et al).

Gisele Bundchen- on a lighter note-supermodel Gisele has launched an online cartoon series entitled 'Gisele and the green team' - in which Gisele and her group walk the runways by day and fight environmental crime at night. ( Style Bistro)

Himalayas - a new UN report warns that global climate change poses a serious threat to countries in the Himalayan region due to their dependence on water sources originating in the mountain region. ( Reuters)

Mistletoe - Consumers are being urged to by Mistletoe from local suppliers in an attempt to reverse the decline of mistletoe orchids. ( BBC)

Ocean acidification - the oceans are undergoing the fastest rate of acidification in 65 million years according to a report produced by the United Nations Environment Programme -UNEP. ( SciDev)

Suspended solar- France has decided to suspend solar energy projects for three months while an investigation into potential subsidy cuts and growth limiting measures is concluded. ( Bloomberg)

Wiki Leaks- the controversial website released cables allegedly revealing how America used threats and promises to gain support from other countries at the Copenhagen climate change conference in 2009. ( Guardian)