Winning images from Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2013

The competition is part of the BirdLife South Africa’s SOS Festival which raises awareness about marine conservation

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The winning entries from this year's Oceans of Life Photographic Competition have gone on display at a museum in Cape Town, as part of the annual BirdLife South Africa’s SOS Festival. 

The photography competition celebrates all types of marine wildlife from animals to fish to seabirds, and the winning images will be exhibited at the Iziko Museums of South Africa. The judges have chosen 50 images with 10 highly commended entries.

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This year's winning entry, known as the ORYX Award, was given to Robert Tarr for his striking shot of a gannet with its wings fully spread.

Mr Tarr said: "I was fortunate to spend some time with a colony of gannets on Malgas island one evening. As they settled down for the night I pushed the ISO to 400 and was able to capture this moment of symmetry. The challenge of extracting a moment like this from the chaos of the colony was rewarding."

Other submissions included a bird sheltering inside an iceberg during a snow storm and an underwater shot of shoal of sharks in a feeding frenzy over some anchovies.

The BirdLife South Africa’s SOS Festival has been running since 2009 and aims to raise awareness about the plight of seabirds and marine conservation.