Your Planet: The green directory

Want to learn more? Louise Jack's selection of organisations and information sources may help to point you in the right direction
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Centre for Alternmative Technology
Charity striving to achieve cooperation between the natural, technological and human worlds;

Climate Action Network
A worldwide network of non-Governmental Organizations working to promote government and action to limit climate change;

Climate Outreach Information Network
A charitable trust specialising in public information on climate change;

Environment Agency
UK government agency concerned mainly with rivers, flooding, and pollution;

Fair Trade Foundation
The independent guarantee of a better deal for Third World producers;

Friends of the Earth
Inspiring solutions to eco-problems, and many helpful links;

Future Forests
Action on carbon emissions;

Gaia Foundation
Working to protect cultural and biological diversity, and democracy;

Campaigners against environmental degradation since 1971;

Intermediate Technology Development Group
A charity which works with poor communities to develop appropriate technologies;

International Rivers Network
The leading organization working to halt the construction of destructive river development projects;

Low-Impact Living Initiative
Information and education on reducing your ecological footprint;

Marine Conservation Society
Dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its wildlife;

New Economics Foundation
Think tank working to construct a new economy centered on people and the environment;

Rainforest Action Network
Working to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants;

Soil Association
Campaigning for organic food, farming and sustainable forestry;

Survival International
Helps tribal people protect their lands and determine their own futures;

An alliance for better food and farming;

The UK Genetic Engineering Network (GEN)
Information sharing network for anyone actively campaigning against genetic engineering;

Trees for Cities
Tree planting projects in urban areas;

The Vegetarian Society
Educational charity promoting vegetarian lifestyles;

World Wildlife Fund
Action for endangered species and conservation;

Woodland Trust
Dedicated to the protection of UK native woodland heritage;


Climate Care
Scheme for offsetting carbon dioxide produced from air travel;

Environmental Transport Association
For greener motoring in UK and also breakdown service;

London Cycling Campaign
Getting people out of their cars and on to bikes;

Working to help reduce traffic, including the national Cycle Network and Safe Routes to Schools;

Transport 2000
Working to reduce the environmental and social impact of transport through less use of cars and lorries;


Commercial and domestic rainwater and recycling systems;

The largest alternative electricity supplier in Europe;

Energy Savings Trust
Grants for renewable energy systems;

Good Energy
Find a domestic supplier of 100% renewable electricity;

Portable, solar powered mobile phone charger;


Actionaid RecyclingService collects used print cartridges and cellphones. 80% of the proceeds go to charity;

Aluminium can recycling; freephone 0800 262 465.

Home Recycling
Recycling bins for the home and office as well as tips to make it easier to recycle;

Desirable Products with a recycled theme;


The Ecologist
Provides resources, archives, campaign and event information;

Ethical Consumer
Ethical buying, consumer reports;

Green World
Magazine of the Green Party

The New Internationalist
Issues of world poverty and inequality;

The Green Parent
Parenting magazine concerned with environmental issues, holistic health and organic living;

Chosen by Julia Stephenson

A Life Stripped Bare by Leo Hickman
(Eden Project Books, £10.99)
Entertaining, funny and no-holds-barred account of one man's attempt to live an ethical life in central London. Full of helpful information.

Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth by Donnachadh McCarthy
(Fusion Press, £11.99)
Crammed with easy to implement ideas about how to live a greener life. I loved the tips like keeping your south facing windows clean to maximise free heating by the sun and prolonging the life of your old cotton T-shirts and underwear by dyeing them.

Planetary Citizenship by Hazel Henderson and Daisaku Ikeda
(Middleway Press, £20.99)
Buddhist philosopher Dr Ikeda and leading environmentalist Dr Henderson (founder of "Citizens for Clean Air" ) discuss what led them individually to work for peace on the global stage and provide concrete information about how the individual can really make a difference.

The Silent Ark by Juliet Gellatly
(Thorsons, £6.99)
Riveting account of animal welfare campaigner Juliet's personal story, exposing the corruption of the meat industry.

Crimes Against Nature by Robert F.Kennedy Jr
(Harper Collins)
Charismatic environmental attorney Robert Kennedy Jr's powerful expose of how George Bush and his corporate pals are plundering the environment, eviscerating laws that protect the air, water, public lands and wildlife whilst lining their own pockets but lowering the quality of life for everyone else.