Ethical gifts

From jewellery and bags to statement heels and winter wardrobe essentials, these unique gifts are not only super stylish – they're thoughtful, too, says Lizzie Rivera

Psychosis in Parkinson’s

Half of people with Parkinson’s disease experience hallucinations, paranoia and delusions. Mary O’Hara reports on a new hope that will cure psychosis without affecting other symptoms

Rock on gardens

If your garden is due for a rock revival, gravel would be the way to go, suggests Adrian Higgins

In pop culture, there are no bad police shootings

Hollywood has promoted the very myths that result in our being shocked when we see an officer shoot a fleeing person or fire into a parked car, as well as an inflated narrative of valour that generates a near-automatic presumption of the guilt of those killed by police

The life and times of the fifth and final Mrs Brink

Afrikaner novelist Andre Brink married Karina Szczurek when he was 71 and she was 29. They were together for 10 years before he died on a plane, beside her, high above Africa. She has just finished writing her memoir, in which she recounts her life with South Africa's most celebrated and controversial novelist. Andy Martin went to Cape Town to talk to her about life after Andre