Raiders of the lost crafts

This week the nation’s capital has been celebrating the bright new stars of contemporary design. But as London Design Week draws to a close, Amalia Illgner looks to Britain’s heritage crafts and discovers, while we’ve been busy looking to the new, many traditional skills risk becoming extinct  

The life and times of the fifth and final Mrs Brink

Afrikaner novelist Andre Brink married Karina Szczurek when he was 71 and she was 29. They were together for 10 years before he died on a plane, beside her, high above Africa. She has just finished writing her memoir, in which she recounts her life with South Africa's most celebrated and controversial novelist. Andy Martin went to Cape Town to talk to her about life after Andre

10 best bread-making tools

Pippa Bailey celebrates the return of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ with kit to help you rival Paul Hollywood’s creations

Top 10 conspiracy theories

From ‘Elizabeth I was a man and the Pope killed Abraham Lincoln to the EU referendum was illegal because the Conservatives stole the election

Don’t go there

In his first book, Pierre Bayard argued you needn't read books to discuss them. Now he writes that it’s perfectly legitimate to talk about foreign parts without visiting them