The Saturday Quiz


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1. Touching the Void, the mountaineering book by Joe Simpson, tells of an incident on which mountain range?

2. What was founded by David Karp, launched in 2007, and has just been sold for $1.1bn?

3. Rome is the capital of which Italian region?

4. Bill Shankly, Bobby Charlton and David Beckham all played for which club?

5. Currer Bell was the pen name of which leading 19th-century novelist?

6. Which major work by Elgar is a setting of an 1865 poem of John Henry Newman?

7. Hans-Gert Pottering, voted in when elections were first held in 1979, is the longest-serving member of what?

8. "Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time." The Twitter profile of which leading US female singer-songwriter, born 1989?

9. Vivien Merchant was his first wife, from 1956 to 1980. From 1980 until his death in 2008, he was married to who?

10. The most watched French TV channel is what?

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