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1. Despite being made from birch wood, the Hughes H-4 Hercules aircraft designed by Howard Hughes was known as what?

2. What is the only number to have all its letters in alphabetical order when spelt out?

3. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the letter N is for what?

4. By what pen name is children's author Daniel Handler better known?

5. What was the name of Les Dennis's comedy partner, who died in 1986?

6. The term paparazzi comes from a character in which 1960 Italian film?

7. What term adapted by a US Marine Corp Major from a Chinese industrial slogan that originally meant 'work together' has come to mean enthusiastic or over-zealous?

8. In 1841, Loughborough in Leicestershire was the destination for the first what?

9. In the Monty Python "Philosophers Song", Heidegger was "a boozy beggar", but who was "a beery swine"?

10. How high does a mountain have to be in Scotland to be termed a Munro?

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