My Style: Orsolya Szabo

Fashion designer & stylist, 23, personal style: low- temperature chic
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James Sherwood: Orsolya, you're at that tipping point of a young fashionista's career when work experience at the glossies is turning into your first commissions as a stylist and designer.

Orsolya Szabo: I graduated last year, having taken my year out to work for Anna Sui in New York and Arena's fashion director, Andrew Davies. Recently, I've been an intern at Vogue, Tatler and The Independent. There's a one year waiting list for two-week internships at Vogue. It's such a short period of time to make an impression.

JS: It took me two weeks to find the kettle! From 17 I worked with whoever would take me. Six months at Tatler was a personal low. In those days there were a lot of bitches in that kennel.

OS: I've been lucky with the people I've worked for. I've been on three shoots with Rankin and recently assisted Annabel Tollman.

JS: Very impressive. Of course, it helps that you look like the missing link between Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg. But it takes talent to land those gigs. I'd describe your style as low temperature: clearly a fashion pro but without the need to show out.

OS: What I wear is a million miles from what I showed at my graduate collection. My cardigan is one of those "throw it over everything" items. I stole the fine-knit top from my sister and made the belt from the strap of a bag I bought at Zara. The jeans are Primark and the heels are Topshop. I have to wear them. It hurts my heels to walk in flats.

JS: Spoken like a true fashionista-in-waiting.

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