My style: Paul Gore

Music-video director/photographer, 28, personal style: meaningful layers
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James Sherwood: I can spot that Ann Demeulemeester cardigan at 5,000 paces. The Antwerp school of design is characterised by sober, intelligent and unassuming clothing. Does this aesthetic reflect your professional life as a music-video director?

Paul Gore: Unassuming. I guess that's how I'd like the way I dress to be described. But sober? I'm not as sure. I'm quite messy in the way I dress; messy, but considered.

JS: When you're directing artists as diverse as Snow Patrol, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow and Paolo Nutini, I'd imagine you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.

PG: Actually, the more interesting you look, the more enthusiastic artists are about the way you'd like them to appear, but on shoot days I'm in a T-shirt and knackered jeans.

JS: What I like about what you're wearing is the layers of interest; none of which leap out and say "designer" or "vintage".

PG: The jacket was made for me by the head designer at Evie Belle. The Demeulemeester waistcoat I bought at Browns a couple of seasons ago. The shirt is a Victorian nightshirt from a vintage shop on Holloway Road and the jeans are Lee.

JS: Is long hair still prerequisite in the music business?

PG: I had hair this long as a teenager but cut it off at art college. I guess I grow it long now because I can. Or maybe I secretly want to be in Kings of Leon.

JS: Are those shoes designer-distressed or scarred by life on the lot?

PG: They were bought for a video I directed but weren't used, so the stylist gave them to me. I think they're older than I am and they were about £2. I've re-soled them twice. All my shoes, however expensive, look like this.

JS: If you were performing in a music video, would you stay as you are or go for a restyle?

PG: I'd stay exactly the same — though I know which side of the camera I prefer to be on.

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