Profile: Jamie Oliver, chef

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Who's this cheeky chappie, then?

Don't be coy, everyone knows Jamie. He is Britain's most famous Essex boy done good: the master restaurateur and saint of healthy eating who exposed the evil of the Turkey Twizzler. Since rising to fame in 1997 with his TV show The Naked Chef, Jamie turned his hand to tackling social ills. By 2002 he'd taken on poverty, starting up the Fifteen Foundation, which trains disadvantaged young people in the restaurant business. But he is most famous for his crusade to improve the nation's diet. His Feed Me Better campaign, launched in 2005, revealed the dangers of processed food and persuaded the Government to introduce guidelines on the nutrition of school meals. He took the mission global in 2010, travelling to the US as part of the series Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Of course... so what social enterprise has the chef sunk his teeth into now?

Erm, actually, Jamie's briefly turned away from philanthropy and fresh food – he's launching a frozen range with Young's Seafood. Welcome to the new-generation Captain Birdseye.

Frozen food?

Certainly seems fishy. But Jamie is keen to retain his culinary credentials: "My fish with Young's is frozen within a matter of hours of being caught – at its best – locking in all that fantastic flavour, no mucking about." And Young's has stressed its commitment to sustainable fishing.

Sounds like a load of codswallop to me... I guess he'll be selling it in Sainsbury's?

No. Jamie and Sainsbury's parted ways last month as he said he wanted to focus on his work with the Jamie Oliver Foundation.

Oh, so this is for charity?

'Fraid not. A spokesman told us: "There are no plans for The Jamie Oliver Foundation to benefit from sales of his new range with Young's. The social focus is very much on getting people to eat sustainable fish." The range hits the shelves next month, so you'll have to restrain those pesky pollock-cravings for a few weeks longer.