i Editor's Letter: Connecting the strands


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Britain,2011 (p9): The "reality TV star" and former Miss Wales 2003, Imogen Thomas poses outside the high court where she had argued successfully against footballer Ryan Giggs' claim she had been trying to blackmail him over their alleged affair. You may not care for Thomas and the many reality TV wannabes that so plague our culture, but it is clear she has been vindicated. Now, we will see if all she wanted was to clear her name, or whether she gets the £250k for a "kiss and tell" that publicist Max Clifford says she could. Yes, sorry, it does actually matter.

Britain, 2011 (p11): More than 25% of girls have had underage sex, with the figure for boys being some way behind. The girls' tally has soared these past two decades, in which time they have overtaken boys. Is Diane Abbot MP right to say: "The underlying cause must be the 'pornification' of the culture and the increasing sexualisation of pre-adolescent girls"? The anecdotal evidence to support her theory is everywhere.

Britain, 2011: (p1 & 4) Tonight is "Mad Friday", as Christmas party season hits its zenith (nadir?). On its busiest night of the year, our ambulance service sets up field hospitals in city centres, because we can't drink responsibly. The rise in female "casualties" is stark.

I sound like a boring old fart, but I cannot help connect the strands. See Thomas surrounded by those leering men? Is it less disturbing because they have lenses? And, of course, she chose to go sleeveless on a cold day. We all know why.

So, Uncle Stefano says: have a great time at your party tonight, but be safe, look after each other – most of all the drunks – and spare those poor emergency service workers a little thought!