i Editor's Letter: Good to hear from you


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We are all looking forward to meeting a few hundred of you at our latest and largest i readers' party tonight at Covent Garden's London Transport Museum. If talking to some of your favourite i names fails to unleash your inner geek, then there is always LTM's Mind the Map exhibition about the creativity behind our beloved London Transport maps. To those of you going, it's 7-9pm. If, for any reason you cannot attend, please email us at i@independent.co.uk. It will help us allocate your space to someone else and generally aid our management of numbers.

I wonder what you will want to talk about this time. Each party to date has taken on a life of its own. To reiterate: we have no ulterior motive at these i events beyond saying "thank you" for your loyal support and advocacy over our short life, and to get to know you all a little better.

This week alone, two subjects have struck a real nerve with you, judging by your responses: there was Michael Gove's plans to make five-year-olds learn poetry by rote and seven-year-olds foreign languages; and then the Church of England's scathing attack on the Government's proposals on the vexed subject of gay marriages.

Meanwhile, it will be good to hear from you on our continuing coverage of the Leveson Inquiry and the phone-hacking debacle, the growing crisis in care, Syria, the eurozone and lighter subjects ranging from the Olympics to i's fashion and puzzle pages, or even coverage of Euro 2012.

All feedback welcome – writes the editor tentatively – because I am a great believer in "be careful what you wish for". It is intended to be a celebration after all.