i Editor's Letter: Happy first birthday to us!


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Happy first birthday to us! All week people have asked how i works — from readers to UK media to international publishers on “ fact-finding” trips. In today's edition of the paper we’ve tried to answer some questions, where we also relate the story of i’s birth and recall an incredible first year in news.

The very simple answer to how i works is The Independent. Or, rather its staff. We produce two daily newspapers from the same group of talented journalists only because that talent is married to a remarkable degree of discipline, commitment, and collective pride in working for an internationally renowned newspaper that has just enjoyed its 25th birthday, and an upstart intent on bringing the best of the mothership's values to a wider audience.

The Independent's editor, Chris Blackhurst, and its deputy editor, Dan Gledhill, do not edit i, but it would be impossible to create i every day without the skill and creativity they and their team put into the bigger paper each day. We choose most of i's content (not all) from the content choices that they have made, and then it's our job, using shared editors, to repurpose and reshape it with the spirit and attitude of i, and then add a few of our own grace notes to the mix.

Who is 'we'? I'm no Kate Winslet but, I have to single out and thank the two colleagues without whom i simply would not happen most nights: production guru Rhodri, who may just have gotten over the French defeat by now, and Louis, who keeps us all entertained with tall tales on many a dark night. To those gentlemen, the extremely hard-working staff here and to all you readers for whom we are very grateful: "cent'anni!", or perhaps even "Na Zdrovia!"